Webshop selling Caron Simply Soft, Lily Sugar'n Cream, Clover Amour, 
Caron Cakes, Lion Brand Shawl-in-a-Ball en now, SCRUB!.



23 February 2021

It seems like it will never be "business as usual", but we are continuing to try to get stock in of our popular yarns, as we recognize how important it is to have the "right" yarn for the projects to fill these long days ... if there is a particular yarn or colorway that you are looking for, let me know, I will keep you up-to-date on the progress, or, there is always special order for yarns that we don't stock normally.

August 12, 2020

We are happy to be back from holiday and business-as-usual!

6 February 2020

Time again for something new!
One NEW yarn AND new colors of old favorites!

Red Heart Super Saver Ombre
We've had it often as a special order, now we have a (small) supply (just to start!)
Click on the link left (or in the menu, on your smartphone!)

Plus new colors ... 

Simply Soft now comes in "speckle" colors ... and Comfy Cotton has new mixes and solids! Take a look in the basket!


5 March 2019

Two NEW yarns!  

Caron Latte Cakes en 
Lion Brand Comfy Cotton


... both in cake style, with long meterage
(fewer ends to weave in!!!)


13 December 2018

Unfortunately, as of 1 January 2019, the prices for delivery will go up... for the Netherlands as well as for Belgium and Germany ... we are returning to PostNL for all packages (and PostNL prices are going up), unless you explicitely request otherwise when you order ... a few less-than-positive experiences with another delivery service has led to this decision.  - update 2 January - prices for shipping have been updated, as have the Blanket Savings discount!!!

2 November 2018

Sell-out prices on all our crochet hooks and knitting needles!

Clover Amour crochet hooks        amour_crochet.jpg 
Knitting Needles         breivoorbeeld.jpg        rondbreivoorbeeld.jpg

23 October 2018

Something new:  BLANKET SAVINGS!

for purchases above €40 at one time,
you receive half of the shipping cost (in NL) as savings!

for purchases above €50 at one time,
you save ALL of the shipping cost for NL!

and, above €75, 
you receive the whole shipping cost for BE as savings!

And if you choose to pick it up, you are VERY lucky!
(the savings is calculated automatically!)

 We are still enjoying the memory of a successful
Knit & Knot in Tilburg in October:

We had a lot of fun meeting new people! And it was especially great to introduce new yarns and hear the exclamations of excitement when they first got to FEEL the yarns ("so soft", "it doesn't itch at all").

Many tried SCRUB!
for the first time ... great for making practical gifts


And if you are looking for an American yarn that isn't (yet) part of our collection,
please send us an e-mail: we kan import most yarns from
Caron, Bernat, Lily, Lion Brand (also Homespun!), Red Heart,
en Premier Yarns, certainly as a 

Special Order

and who knows, you might see it in a few months in the regular webshop!


If you would like a sample strand of a particular yarn, or maybe a color of one of our yarns
we don't have (enough of) in stock,  or maybe just a large quantity of one yarn

Send a mail to woollywebshop@gmail.com.  There are lots of possibilities!



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